I offer a few words to ponder from my works "Walking These Silent Hallways"...

Grab this life by the throat and breathe into it.

If I don't get my way, I'll make my way.

Help me see clearly through these trees that I have planted day by day from seeds.  

Instead of obscessing on the bad for improvement, obscess on the good to savour. 

The real battle is when you battle yourself... the fight within.

The human space becomes so collected and cluttered with noise.  Noise of non-sense, noise of insecurities' shouts, noise of judgement.  Noise... just noise of future promises chased and built up.  The human space should be sacred and uncomplicated and silent.

The elusiveness of peace is born out of the process of denial, justification, doubts that are masked.  Peace can be so simple and is free.  Peace is born of acceptance of honesty of self... it's that simple.  Have peace, you can create that peace now so simply with truth and acceptance of that truth formerly bound you. 

Hard clay delivers deep roots for the survivors and fruit in the balance of the life cycle.  Thank you, Universe, for providing hard clay, fruit to harvest is so very near. 

Tread lightly on the planet... Tread justly with its souls. 

There is something more divine seen in the Universe through our interactions with the animals.